Lots of data, not enough insights: turn your data into business value

Many organisations capture a significant amount of data, but don’t really know how best to use it!

At Actuarial Edge, we use our data analytics expertise to transform your data into better strategic decisions. Whether you have small, under-utilised data sets or many different, varied sources of data, we transform that data into useful, easy to digest information that you can use to learn more about what’s really going on in your business.

Different organisations have different data to work with and face different business issues. We take the time to gain a deep and thorough understanding of your strategic goals and challenges and work collaboratively with you and your stakeholders to develop a solution that adds value to your organisation.

Examples of business issues we help our clients solve include:

Membership or customer analysis: analysing trends and characteristics of your membership or customer bases to identify opportunities to retain and grow this base and increase profitability

Evaluation of Pilot programs: in evaluating pilot programs we design measurable metrics that have a tangible relationship to the desired outcomes, and engage with stakeholders to ensure the quantitative analysis incorporates subject matter insights and environmental context.

Performance analysis: analysing multiple variables and their inter-correlations, using data collected across many different sources, to identify the most significant contributors to your success

Key performance indicators: developing simple, measurable and sensible KPIs to help you track your performance over time

Specific sports analytics: in addition to the above, using data analysis to create:

  • team performance improvement by understanding linkages between players on field/court and your game results
  • injury prevention models to highlight when your player is at increased risk of injury to enable you to mitigate that risk
  • recovery improvement models to understand the recovery method most likely to return your player to their full potential in the shortest amount of time


Actuaries are well placed to undertake these services.

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